Prevention and RTG diagnostics


Fissure sealing

Caries is the process of demineralisation of hard dental tissue. By feeding on carbohydrates from food, the bacteria produce lactic acid which promotes the demineralisation of enamel and, afterwards, of dentin. In its active stage, caries appears as chalky white stains on the surface. In this stage, caries can be stopped by a remineralisation process. The remineralisation process is achieved by improving hygiene with fluoride-rich toothpaste and surface fluoridation done in the clinic.

The most frequent areas of caries formation are the grooves on the masticatory planes.

The preventive FISSURE SEALING procedure is an excellent methods of preventing the development of caries.

Fissure sealing is a simple and quick procedure recommended to children of 6 years of age, that is, those whose first permanent molars have erupted, in order to reduce as much as possible the chances for the development of caries. It is performed by filling the grooves of healthy teeth with composite material, in order to prevent food and bacteria from remaining in the pits and fissures of the teeth.


X-ray diagnostics

Very useful diagnostic information of your oral health situation can be obtained via X-rays. Structures such as jaws, tooth roots, retained teeth and contacts between the upper and the lower teeth are visible on these images, which can sometimes reveal the early stages of some damages or diseases not noticed in an examination, such as:

– the caries of a tooth or under the fillings/crowns
– diseases of the bone structure
– cyst or abscess
– signs of periodontitis
– developing malformations
– forms of tumors
– injuries caused by trauma

A panoramic X-ray is an  image that gives us more information about your upper and lower jaw and  oral health, as well as serves as a good planning tool. Sometimes, for more details, it’s necessary to make a retroalveolar image of a single tooth.

Apart from these kinds of images, we also use the individual smaller images of specific teeth, which gives us more precise information.

Our dental clinic is equipped with X-ray machines of both types used in examinations and check-ups.

The health of our oral cavity reflects our health condition in general, and it is very important to take good care, as it affects the quality of life. Preventive procedures are very simple and cheap, so it is advised to start with them from an early ages. We suggest bringing children to a dentist as soon as their first decidual teeth grow, so we can teach you how to take care of  their teeth. Regular check-ups are advised every 6 months for adults and every 3 months for children.

Prevention includes:

– the prevention of dental caries by fluoridation and fissure sealing
– dental erosions
– periodontal diseases
– carcinoma
– xerostomia (dry mouth)