Aesthetics of the face


Ageing, weather conditions, pollution, lifestyle and stress all gradually damage skin structure. The initial fine lines eventually become more prominent and transform into deep wrinkles. The characteristic facial features change and the face loses its firmness and definition. Young skin is elastic, radiant and smooth thanks to collagen, elastic fibres, water and an ingredient naturally found in the body – hyaluronic acid. As years go by, the skin’s hyaluronic acid content is reduced, which causes decreasing hydration and the consequent formation of wrinkles…

Our dental clinic works with the Belotero products of the Swiss innovation company Anteis. As the leading manufacturer of hyaluronic acid for intradermal use and one of the fastest  growing companies in the branch of aesthetic dermatology, they grant us long-lasting and natural results.

These products are made from hyaluronic acid, which is naturally distributed widely throughout the connective, epithelial and neural tissues, therefore, they are biocompatible and a perfect solution for:

  • Smoothing out facial wrinkles and correcting the deep ones
  • Accentuating the lips and facial contours and enhancing their volume
  • Modeling the facial contours
  • Rehydrating the skin and restoring your lost facial volume

Simply, without surgical treatment, we inject hyaluronic acid  into areas that you wish to improve, such as lips, cheeks, forehead wrinkles and even scars. Within 30 or so minutes, you will see the change, which will last for 12 − 18 months.